Almanor Fishing Report


Feb. 18, 2018

We experienced another bout of mild weather this past week, yesterday our temp reached into the hi 50’s last nights low was 38. That’s all about to change as we are finally going to get some weather, we have a chance of snow every day for the next six days. Overnight lows forecast for the next six nights are 15,10,14,22,19 & 22 day time highs for the same time frame are predicted to reach 34, 36, 33, 38, 43 & 41. Despite the frigid outlook you won’t hear any complaining from us fishermen up here, we are hoping this is just the beginning.

Water temps rose slightly this past week, I registered 44.1 degrees yesterday afternoon, after a 39.3 start in the morning. Visibility was 8 to 9 feet over most of Almanor with murky water in Goose Bay and coming out of the power plant at Hamilton Branch.

I fished two days this past week, on Saturday we managed to pick up five fish; one Salmon, one Brown and three Rainbows, we started above Red Bank, moved to Almanor West, fished off Rec #2 and finished up at Hamilton Branch. We caught fish fast trolling hardware early and switched to slow trolling crawlers and gulps. While fishing was slow we did enjoy a beautiful Spring like day on Almanor.  Earlier in the week we fished the tip of the Peninsula to Big Cove picked up a few smaller fish ripping Artic Fox flies and moved to the East shore to finish the day picking up three additional fish fast trolling hardware. Red and gold continue to be our top producer fished between 8-12’ deep at 2.6-3.0 mph.

Fishermen continue to target fish in Geritol Cove, fish are being caught from shore and by boat with fly fishermen having the most success. Most of the fish being targeted are recently planter Browns and Rainbows.
Our roads are all clear at the moment the Canyon Dam boat ramp remains the only useable public boat ramp. If you are planning a trip to Almanor this week call ahead it appears we are in for some real Winter weather.


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