May 19, 2019

Water continues to pour into Almanor as PG&E increased outflow rates at Canyon Dam. Lake level continues to rise despite the increase in discharged water. With the recent storms and cooler weather, water temps dropped back into the 50’s. We have seen snow at lake level twice over the past week and we are predicted to have below average temps for the rest of May. The Super Ditch has slowed to a trickle.

We are also experiencing high winds with afternoon gusts reaching into the 20 mph range.  Fishing has been as unsettled as the weather. A week ago insects were hatching, fish rising, bass cleaning beds, all has changed.

We caught fish last week slow trolling naked crawlers at 1 mph. There were long spells of going without and an occasional fish here and there. We tried fast trolling when the wind kicked up just couldn’t get anything going.

Bass, fly and bank fishermen also struggled to catch fish with at least one two day club tournament canceled over the weekend. With unsettled weather predicted for the next two weeks I would expect this trend to continue.

Highway 70 has controlled traffic with extended road closure’s so check road conditions of you are coming up the canyon all other roads, ramps, campgrounds and dinning establishments are ready for summer.