In 1980, concerned fishermen, businesspeople and the Chester/Lake Almanor Chamber of Commerce formed the Almanor Fishing Association. The main purpose of the Association is the enhancement and preservation of a high-quality fishing resource in Lake Almanor. In addition, assuring its continual availability to everyone wishing to enjoy the sport of fishing.

In 1985 AFA established the Fish Rearing Cage Program. Over the past 38 years the cage program has become the premier Fish Rearing program in the entire state with 50,000 Rainbow Trout raised and released into Almanor each year. In 2019 AFA added two new pens, the new pens are used to raise Browns, this year we have 6,500 fertile Browns from Feather River College in the new pens.

AFA has more than 300 members, made up of business’s, fishermen and community members. Membership dues and our Annual Family Barbecue are our only major fundraising events. We provide periodic press releases to our members and our Annual Newsletter is mailed to members and distributed to local businesses.

Lake Almanor is a world class fishery hidden in the beauty of Plumas County. For the past 39 years AFA has played a key role in promoting and maintaining this spectacular fishery. If you would like to assist us in our efforts, please join AFA, participate in our Annual Picnic or make a donation. The continued success of our fishery depends on all of us.